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AnteAGE’s mission is to provide powerful regenerative anti-aging products through sound evidence-based technologies. AnteAGE scientists pioneered the use of human bone marrow stem cell technology in aesthetics and dermatology fields.

We are committed to leveraging the power of stem cell growth factors and cytokines to deliver safe, effective, and luxurious skincare products that promote aesthetic health.

AnteAGE® products are always 100% cruelty, cell, paraben, and pathogen free. Our research team is constantly developing and testing new active ingredients for effectiveness, ensuring that anything we use is proven and safe for our customers.

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flat lay of anteage microneedling dermal roller and two vials of stem cells with cytokines


Discover the power of Celluma LED light therapy exclusively available at Revay Aesthetics. NASA-backed technology Cleared by the FDA for pain management, skin conditions, and hair restoration. Enhance cellular health and achieve optimal results.

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woman lying on a spa treatment table with the Celluma LED Light Therapy device across her back. The device is on and glowing red.

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HealMD is based in Los Angeles and is dedicated to providing evidence-based guidelines and protocols for our high quality products to be used in the fields of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Dermatology, and Aesthetic Medicine. 

Our products are formulated to be useful for the general public as well. We ensure that our customers only receive products that are lab tested for purity and free of lab chemicals, pesticides, and microbes. Our CBD products are farmed in Colorado, made in an FDA-registered facility in Southern California, and contain zero THC. Our products are gluten free, not tested on animals, and are non-GMO.

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product shot of Heal MD bruising cream, Sleep CBD dropper and Pain and Anxiety CBD dropper

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iS Clinical

At iS Clinical, we innovate clean, multitasking skincare solutions that offer excellent benefits for a wide variety of skin types, ages, and genders. Our results-oriented products work the most magic when used together in a four-step regimen to CLEANSE, TREAT, HYDRATE, and PROTECT your complexion.

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flat lay of three iS Clinical cleansers with water being poured onto them. the products include cream cleanser, cleansing complex, and warming honey cleanser

Jan Marini Skin Research

We are Jan Marini Skin Research, a San Jose, CA-based company founded in 1994. JMSR is a recognized leader and innovator in skin care that is committed to continually expanding and improving the professional skin care market. JMSR's two primary focuses are to provide innovative technologies that deliver proven measurable results and an unwavering commitment to the ongoing success of our customers.

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flat lay of multiple Jan Marini creams and serum of a aqua teal blue table

Lake & Skye

Modern and conscious beauty. We believe fragrance is a force for wellness. It can change your emotional state quickly. Operating differently than the other senses, scent takes a separate pathway in your brain. This can affect your moods, emotions and memories. We take a holistic approach with our award-winning products by distilling scent down to its essence to create best-in-class products that elevate the everyday.

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product shots of the 11:11 collection from Lake And Skye including their perfumes and candles


LATISSE® is an FDA-approved treatment to grow eyelashes for people with inadequate or not enough lashes.

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close up image of a beautiful blue and green iris with long eyelashes and manicured eyebrows


From a distinguished pharmacy to a global leader in the aesthetic medicine sector, Mesoestetic has been committed to the development and marketing of top-quality products right from the start, with scientifically proven results.

Our progress is linked to ongoing research and collaboration with hospitals, universities and experienced specialists from the sector as the company works closely with these to research and develop new treatments.

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3 women with very clean and clear skin looking into the camera

Nomad Noé

Life is a series of physical, emotional, and spiritual journeys. To that end, we believe that we are all nomads wandering for a sense of peace (“Noé” by the way, is the French translation of the Babylonian “nukhu,” which means repose or rest).

Inspired by little-known historical movers and shakers, each candle tells a story of courage and daring through exquisite blends of fragrance.


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a product shot of the full collection of Nomad Noe candles

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Restorsea is a clean physician dispensed skincare line. All products contain the hatching enzyme, Aquabeautine XL®* that is filtered from the hatching water of baby salmon.
This enzyme is better than any active ingredient Patti has ever seen because of its superior effectiveness and natural composition. She realized the opportunity to create a total wellness line superior to what is currently offered in the market.

Aquabeautine XL®*, is a novel hatching enzyme that salmon fry release at the time of hatching. Unlike a chicken that can peck its way out of its eggshell, a baby salmon cannot. When it is ready to be born, it releases an enzyme. This enzyme dissolves the eggshell membrane and creates an opening that the salmon fry can swim out of unharmed. When this enzyme comes into contact with human skin, it only digests the dead skin cells and leaves the living cells untouched. This means that the skin can receive ccontinuous and gentle exfoliation without any irritation.

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product shot of the full Restorsea product line

Skinbetter Science

In 2016, skinbetter science® set out to create a new paradigm in skincare, not only for patients, but for the physicians, nurses, aestheticians and surgeons who help patients achieve beautiful skin.

All skinbetter science products are dermatologist tested, paraben free, fragrance free, dye free, and cruelty free.

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flat lay of skinbetter product shots, including alpharet overnight cream, alpharet peeling pads, intensive overnight cream, eyemax overnight cream, and alpharet clearing serum

Velez by Vesna

Embrace the new reality with a beauty product that not only brings new life to your skin but is produced in harmony with the environment. Be bold with the right choice for the well-being of your body and the environment with the chemical-free, toxin-free and cruelty-free products by Velež by Vesna. Join us in our mission to combine the purest natural ingredients with cutting-edge modern science, dedicating our brand to a future of exceptional results and a safer world.

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a woman wearing a skin care face mask looking into the mirror with flowers around her


ZitSticka is a brand that’s unhealthily obsessed with healthy skin and melting zits. All types of zits, from the deep, upcoming kind through to blackheads, whiteheads and recurrent hormonal varieties. Our methods and approaches are backed by science and hinge on technology, and we made sure we were really tired after the whole manufacturing process—tired from all the testing, re-testing, researching, tweaking and starting over we did before landing on products that truly work.

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a woman wearing a pimple patch on her face from Zitsticka

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